Tending the Grave of a Loved One in Lockdown

Happy New Year! Rewind a year, we couldn’t have imagined in our wildest nightmares the year we have had and still going through. Covid-19 has impacted everyone in one way or another, thankfully there is hope with the vaccine, as


Top tips for buying and Caring for your Flowers

Featured caring for flowers

Flowers need water and food just as we do, I have put together some tips for buying the best flowers and helping them stay fresh for as long as possible, hope you find useful. Buying Tips Stems, Leaves & Petals


My Radio 4 Woman’s Hour Slot!


I have to confess to being a big fan of Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4, I am usually listening whilst working with Flowers for Graves or on the BBC Sounds app as I tend a Grave. Each year they


Happy British Flowers Week!


I was overjoyed last week to receive news from New Covent Garden Market that the Flower Market was re-opening on the 15th June which is also the start of British Flowers Week. This celebration of British Flowers, Foliage and Plants


A Rainbow of Hope

Rainbow wreath feature

Rainbow of Hope wreath


Covid-19 and being Kind to Yourself

Covid-19 4

It is early Sunday morning but could be any morning, the days are drifting into each other …  is that our minds way of coping with this horrid virus that is indiscriminately invading all our lives and taking loved ones.


Say it with Flowers … Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Saying it with Flowers.  Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but don’t forget, every day can be Valentine’s Day and a chance to show your love for that special someone! Special Occasions … There


Valentine Blooms Featured at Adnams in Hadleigh Suffolk

Happy Valentines! Just as we recover from Christmas it is time for Valentine celebrations as shop windows turn rose red. But did you know that the number of Red Roses you receive can have a different message also, 12 for Love,


Say it with Flowers … Part 1

Welcome to my first blog! I started a list of topics to blog about relating to my business and my interests … but it was a no brainer, my first had to be about Flowers, I am fascinated by everything