Say it with Flowers … Part 1

Welcome to my first blog!

I started a list of topics to blog about relating to my business and my interests … but it was a no brainer, my first had to be about Flowers, I am fascinated by everything flower related and that includes the meaning of flowers. It's such a wide subject though, so I will split it into two parts ... watch out for Part 2!

We have a raft of ways we can send messages to each other; voicemails, emails, texts, instant messaging and through Social Media. But have you every thought of sending a message using Flowers? You’ve come to the right place! I will guide you through some suggestions to help you choose flowers and the message they will send, whether you are sending some flowers to a friend or picking flowers for your wedding.

For centuries across Europe and Asia Flowers have been given meanings. The Victorians were particularly keen to know the meaning of flowers, and over time folk law, literary, religious and botanical influences have changed the meanings of some flowers, you can see this as you look at different sources even now. I always use a wonderful book called the Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh to help select appropriate flowers for the wreaths, bouquets or arrangements I design and create.

Seasonal Messages ...

As we wish away Winter and look forward to Spring, we smile when we start to see flowers poking their pretty heads through the cold ground even without knowing the messages they are sending us. Cyclamen - Timid Hope, dare we believe winter is over, Snowdrops - Consolation & Hope giving us comfort and hopefulness of lighter, warmer days, Crocus - Youthful Gladness, of what spring will bring, Forsythia – Anticipation, nothing wrong with a feeling of excitement and Daffodil’s - New Beginnings, of all things Spring and perhaps new beginnings in our lives. Perhaps you know someone that hasn’t had a great time - an inexpensive bunch of Daffodils sending them a message of optimism of new beginnings could be just what they need to make them feel some joy at a difficult time.

For blooms and berries at the end of our year we have Holly - Foresight , and to start thinking about what will be needed in the future, Mistletoe - I Surmount all Obstacles, - we certainly need to overcome all obstacles to deliver Christmas or of course to entice the one we love - and not forgetting Poinsettia - Be of good Cheer … perhaps a reminder as we pass it on the table to smile even though we have just washed up for the 4th time today!

Say-it-with-flowers-alliums rectangle
For Friends or Family …

Perhaps you have someone close that is not in such a good place at the moment, maybe a relationship breakup. A bunch of Stocks meaning You will always be Beautiful to me, along with a Pineapple meaning You are Perfect and a bright tag with these messages is bound to cheer them up, if only for a short time! Another idea is a bunch of Freesias, as well as the exquisite smell is a reminder of a Lasting Friendship that they can rely on, or a potted Oak Leaf Geranium for True Friendship, and a Gerbera - Cheerfulness is bound to make them smile.

If you and a friend or family member or even a work colleague have had cross words, a Purple Hyacinth can express those difficult words Please forgive me, and handed over with a smile is bound to result in the Olive - Branch of Peace.

A bonus is that none of these suggestions will break the bank so you can afford to be generous.

In Part 2 I will look at Special Occasions including Valentine's Day and of course weddings.

Until then, warm wishes



Have you every thought of sending a message using Flowers?