Losing someone we love is extremely painful, but as time moves on a grave plot provides a place to honour their lives and your love for them. Unfortunately for many of us and for many good reasons like distance, mobility or time, you may not be able to tend this special place yourself.  If thats the case it would be my pleasure to maintain it on a one off or regular basis, on your behalf.

Think of me as a caring advocate helping you to keep that connection. Through talking with you I will find out as much as you would like to share about your loved one, maybe including some memories and photos. This will mean that my visits to this special place to clean, tidy, tend and make beautiful with flowers will have a personal and caring touch. As part of my service you and your family or friends group will receive an email from me with before and after photos and a reminder of my next visit to give you all comfort and peace of mind.

Beautiful flowers are not only for weddings. When I am designing my bouquets and wreaths for graves I use the same principles I use for any celebration … that they will delight,  surprise and in this case provide reassurance that your loved one is honoured with love and respect. Flowers are a symbol of life … I’m sure the gift of beautiful flowers or plants to a loved one in life will have made you both smile … let’s keep that smile going.

Why choose me ...

  • My approach is empathetic, friendly and respectful
  • I give an end-to-end fully managed service, with communication with you being of utmost importance
  • I take pride in personally carrying out all aspects of grave tending and floristry to ensure you are totally satisfied
  • Where specialist skills are required, e.g. renovation of stonework, I have partners I will use to ensure the best result for the job in hand
  • I am a qualified florist who understands both the technical and design aspects of my trade, and all arrangements will use top quality blooms and are guaranteed to last well.  For sustainability, where possible, I source local flowers from local businesses
  • You will receive regular emails detailing my work, shared with your family or friend group for comfort and reassurance
  • I am a qualified Cruse Bereavement Support volunteer and am Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked, so you can be assured of my integrity and empathy when working in this most sensitive of areas
  • I am fully insured for public liability

5 Easy Steps ...

  • Complete the Contact Form
  • Initial consultation either face to face or by phone call to discuss and finalise the details
  • Agreement and payment details confirmed
  • I visit the grave and complete the Tending and place a flower arrangement
  • You and your family/friend group receive an email with before and after photos, with details of any additional maintenance work needed or damage and an indication when I will be visiting next

What the Standard Package includes ...

  • Covers locations in Suffolk and borders
  • Flower arrangement
  • Laminated Personal message card
  • Light soap clean of Memorial
  • Light soap clean of the Pots & Liners
  • Dead Head of Plants
  • Remove wind blown debris & leaf litter
  • Trim & Edge grass
  • Weed memorial
  • Before & After photos to your family/friend group

What the Deep Clean package includes ...

  • Deep clean will include the same services as the Standard Service
  • Required where the grave and site has had no attention for some time and extra effort is needed to restore to a manageable condition
  • Memorials will be cleaned using specific cleaning fluids. Whilst every effort will be made to rejuvenate, please bear in mind that some staining and decay is impossible to eradicate.  If you require further restoration I can arrange a consultation with my partner Stonemason

Bespoke services ...

Bespoke services cover anything outside the standard packages and may include variations such as:

  • Location outside of Suffolk and borders
  • A different schedule, for example on significant anniversaries only
  • More complex flower arrangements, or maybe other special items to be laid at the resting place