Terms & Conditions

  1. Public Liability insurance £2,000,000
  2. Your managed service means that I will schedule when I visit, as part of the context gathering we will agree any special dates and I will endeavour to meet those dates unless Public Holidays
  3. Before the first Tend I will visit the resting place, take photos and request agreement of the condition of the memorial and if additional work will be required that does not fall within the Standard Service or Deep Clean as appropriate
  4. All tending will be within the Cemetery Rules & Conditions
  5. Your privacy is protected,  information stored according to GDPR regulations
  6. Proof of fulfilment of the Service will be by email showing before and after photos to your Family or Friend Group
  7. Payment arrangements will be agreed as part of the context gathering,  visits will continue in line with payments being received
  8. Top quality flowers will be used at all times, but  after my visit I cannot guarantee that they won’t be damaged by nature
  9. For all packages the cost of the first visit must be fully covered by the annual, quarterly or monthly fee before that visit can take place.   This may mean that an advance payment is due at the beginning of a monthly payment plan.